PCB CAM Services

Our PCB CAM Services Starting from reading in RFQ requests including CAD data from customer to help you to prepare fast and accurate quotes and once order is confirmed, our services helps you to optimize data preparation including Input/DRC, Array creation,Production panel and outputs for plot CNC E-test AOI etc.

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PCB Layout Design

iNtima offers Symbols and Footprint creation in accordance with IEEE and IPC,Stackup Design Solutions as per DFM,Pre Layout Signal Integrity,High speed Digital, Analog,Mixed and RF Designs,HDI, BGA and Microvias,High layer counts and High speed interconnectors 3.125Gbps,Simulation using IBIS model and Crosstalk analysis and CAM.

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Software Solution

Our software development and automation solution is to deliver vary focused, modular solutions to automate your manual and cyclic work using latest technology and cost effective methods. Thus helping you to be faster, better and consistent in delivering quality products in time.We are specialised in custom software development.

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