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PCB CAM Services

Our PCB CAM Services helps you to speedup Pre Production process like Quote, Data Preparation, Production Engineering and outputs programs for Production in a cost effective way.

Quote Data Preparation

Be first to respond to your customer RFQ's. Fast Services. Accurate details extracted from customer data. All critical points noted for review. Open point listed for customer reference. Data filled in you standard quote format.

Oneup and Array

Input of all industry standard data formats like Gerber, ODB++, pcbdoc, Eagle,Sprint, NC Programs etc.

Data identification like Layer naming, stackup, outline, Reference Netlist etc.

Data Cleanup like Outline, Drawn to Pad, Register, Fill to contout,PTH-NPTH, feature attributes etc.

Design Rule Check against production capabilities or IPC standards.

Design for Manufacturing as per production requirements like drill Tolerance, Annular ring, spacing, Impedance trace adjustments, Thermals and isolation, Copper to outline, Etch compensation etc. Array creation as per drawing and CNC Rout program generation.

Production Data

We offer complete PCB CAM job services, which include Production panel preparation, Outputs for Plot, CNC Drilling and Milling programs, Electrical Test data, AOI data and Production drawing etc.

PCB Layout Design

iNtima Solutions are one of the leading PCB design providers, whose designers have several decades of printed circuit board design experience between them. We are committed to offering a service that exceeds all your expectations by focusing on problem solving rather than “just” laying out your PCB

2D - 3D Rendering

iNtima Solutions can create a 3D printable model from your 2D drawings, CAD or even hand-drawn. If you have 2D drawings and just need a 3D printable file, this is the service for you. Please contact us for further details.

High Layer Count

Single sided to 16+ layers

Advanced technologies

Flip Chip Package on Package(POP),embedded Components

Advanced Component Technologies

PCI,PCIe,PCI104, DDR 2,3 and 4


Using good design principles to optimize the design for EMC.

High Density Interconnect(HDI)

Track widths and gaps down to .075mm,utilising microvias (standard and buried).

Flexible Circuits

From single sided to multilayer high speed flexi / flexi - regid

High Speed / Sensitive tracking

Length control, length matching, Impedance control (Differential and single ended) skew etc

Signal Integrity Analysis

Pre and post layout analysis of sensitive signals to ensure optimum electrical performance.

RF / Microwave Design

GSM, GPS, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wimax, GPRS, UMTS, edge and LTE.


combatting thermal issues by using good layout techniques and thermal analysis if required

Power Integrity Analysis

Evaluation of power planes to ensure optimum power stability & delivery

Creepage & clearance

Ensuring designs conform with IPC2221 & UL60950-1 safety standard if required.

Software Programming

Our Software development and Programming will help you to have your own, customized software applications and automating the processes to reduce manual repeated work.

Process Automation

Capture Existing system,Analyze current and future requirements. Prioritize and focus area, Automation and scripting. Intelligent data management and sharing. Track and manage processes through the entire process life cycle. Optimal performance, save time, cost effective. Improved collaboration,enhanced employee motivation.


To develop customized e-commerce portal. Flexible and expandable solutions. Complete control over entire order cycle. Tracking and management. Integration of payment gateway. Automated processes.

ERP solutions

Cost effective ERP solutions for SMEs. Highly customized solutions using latest technology. Standalone or web based solution. Optimized processes. Improve collaboration. Enhance the customer experience


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